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We all know that pet ownership isn’t always easy — but our team of veterinarians and veterinary experts are here to help! Have you noticed a behavior change in your animal recently? Or perhaps you’re not sure if you need to bring them in to our animal clinic, or just wait it out?

You can send questions directly to our animal hospital and our team of veterinarians will promptly provide our insight!

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Q. I had my cats in for vaccinations on the 19th. Both were vaccinated for kennel cough, my female is fine but my male has been sneezing for 3 days. No discharge from his eyes, he is still eating, he isn’t coughing but he appears to be running a fever today. Does he need to be seen or is this a reaction to the vaccine?

Hello, It is possible the sneezing is secondary to the vaccine, which is usually not a problem. However, if they are running a fever, not acting like themselves, or have changes with their nose or eyes, they must be evaluated. … Continue reading

Q. Our eclectus parrot Tattoo is a patient of Dr.Helmer. We are having some home maintenance done and I need to know if there is any interior paint that is not toxic to birds. Thanks.

Thanks for your question.  In general, latex (water-based paints) are a much safer alternative than oil-based paints.  Pet birds should be kept in a separate, well-ventilated room until the paint is completely dry and no longer has a smell associated … Continue reading

Q. What does it mean when a cats 3rd eyelid is showing?

Hi there!  Thanks for your question about your cat’s elevated third eyelids.  For starters, this can be a complicated issue to sort out as the list of possibilities for potential causes can be quite long.  But the good news is … Continue reading

Q. I have a cat who is 10 years old. Had to change food from RD diet to IAMS weight control due to financial reasons. He is still experiencing very loose stool and even having accidents. It has been 1 month since the change. Is this normal or is he trying to tell me something? (He enjoys his new food.)

Hello,  Your cat is definitely trying to tell you something. He is probably going outside of the box due to discomfort or urgency.  It is possible the soft stool will resolve with a different diet (if this is the first … Continue reading

Q. I am planning on purchasing a hedgehog as a per in the next few months. After there any vaccinations or health treatments that these animals need or are required to own?

Hedgehogs are fascinating pets.  There are not any routine vaccinations for hedgehogs; however, as with any non-traditional pet an examination soon after purchase is strongly recommended.  The reasons for this exam include: i) looking for signs of common diseases (in … Continue reading

Q. When and what age should we have our puppy neutered?

While animal shelters often neuter puppies at an earlier age such that they can be neutered prior to adoption, we generally recommend waiting until four to six months of age for neutering. This additional time allows puppies to mature a … Continue reading

Q. My Senior dog has medical conditions that require a special diet, and I do not want to give her commercial food. What do you recommend?

Nutritional requirements in pets certainly become more difficult to sort out for those such as Lexi who have multiple health concerns. For heart conditions a diet low in sodium is often recommended…. Continue reading

Q. I accidentally spooked a mother bird from her nest and 2 babies. It’s been hours and she hasn’t returned. Will she come back?

Yes, she will return. Birds have a very strong maternal instinct. The best course of action is to leave the babies and nest undisturbed and the parent bird will come back. Continue reading

Q. My iguana won’t eat and is really scared of me. I need help. What can I do?

Iguanas, although fairly popular as pets, are quite difficult to look after properly. They grow quite large (5-6′ in length) and can be aggressive.  Many of the medical problems that they suffer from are related to inappropriate living conditions or … Continue reading

Q. My 18 month old cat is an active and healthy cat. Lately though, she has thrown up. Is normal or if I should be worried?

There are quite a few potential causes for the vomiting you are describing. Certainly this frequency is not normal, even if she is otherwise acting normal. Causes include… Continue reading