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Need to get away? Check out our boarding packages!

Need to get away? Our well trained compassionate pet resort team maintains a clean and comfortable home away form home. Strict housekeeping protocols and high standards of care will leave you feeling good about going away for any length of time. We accommodate special dietary and medical needs, provide comfortable bedding, meals, fresh water, and also offer exercise packages.  Our Very Important Pet (VIP) package includes three leash walks daily for dogs and is just $22 per night .  Our Tender Loving Care (TLC) package includes three leash walks daily plus your choice of extra playtime or brushing and is just $25 per night.  Our Pampered Loving Care (PLC) package includes three leash walks daily plus extra playtime and brushing and is just $28 per night.  Our Kitty Condos package includes time for exercise in our kitty playroom and brushing for $16 per night.  We also cater to birds and exotics.




A day at the spa is a fantastic way to treat yourself, why not your pet?  It is well-deserved reward for all of the love your pet has given you.  Our salon services range from luxurious baths to fancy haircuts making your pet feel and look their best.  Salon baths include special shampoos and conditioners chosen specifically for each pet’s needs.  Salon baths also include nail trims, ear cleaning, sanitary clips, anal sac expression, a relaxing blow-dry, and a complete brush out.  Grooming services include all the benefits of our salon baths plus any cut or trim that is suitable for your dog or cat.  All of the traditional and contemporary grooming styles are available as well as special requests.  Please visit https://www.tampabayvets.net/contact

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