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Dog Bite Prevention

70​ million nice dogs…but any dog can bite National Dog Bite Prevention Week® takes place during the second full week of April each year, and focuses on educating people about preventing dog bites. The dates in 2017 are April 9-15. … Continue reading

Heartworm Disease Prevention: Mosquito Season is All Year Long

Imagine your dog confined to a small crate or kennel night and day for four months or more: no longer able to jump, run or even play. Imagine costly—and painful—treatment necessary to kill the dangerous heartworms infecting your dog’s body. … Continue reading

Cat + Patio: Build your own “catio”

An awesome DIY for an outdoor patio, for cats. It’s a known fact that the average life span of a cat with free access to roam outdoors is significantly shorter than those kept indoors. Car accidents, access to poisons, cat … Continue reading

Heartworm Prevention Options For Tampa FL Pet Owners

American Heartworm Society (AHS) survey of U.S. veterinarians finds increase in heartworm-positive cases The GOOD The AHS has unveiled the 2016 Heartworm Incidence Map, based on its nationwide survey. The heartworm tide can be turned. In the AHS survey, a … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

Top Ten Toxins in Dogs and Cats in 2016

In time for Poison Prevention Week each year, veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline review the prior year’s case records to identify specific toxins resulting in the most consults from pet owners and veterinarians. Some of the toxins are species specific such … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

What would you do if  …your dog ate the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips that was left out on the kitchen counter?  …your cat had a seizure right in front of you?  …your dog fell down the stairs and started … Continue reading

PetFirst App | Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals

American Red Cross offers Pet First Aid App

Pets are an important part of our families, and a new Red Cross Pet First Aid App puts lifesaving information right in the hands of dog and cat owners so they can provide emergency care until veterinary assistance is available. … Continue reading

Looking online for answers before you make an appointment for your pet?

Thinking about consulting “Dr. Google” about your pet’s healthcare? Think twice! We are really only a call or email away! But if you do decide to search the web for medical information about your pet, make sure you’re getting accurate … Continue reading

Spondylosis Deformans in Cats

What is spondylosis deformans? Spondylosis deformans is a condition that affects the vertebral bones of the spine and is characterized by the presence of bony spurs or ‘osteophytes’ along the edges of the bones of the spine. A bony spur … Continue reading

Heart Disease in Cats

What types of heart disease do cats get? Heart disease is a serious medical condition in dogs, cats and humans. Cats do not normally develop arteriosclerosis or coronary artery disease, which are both common diseases in humans. In general terms, … Continue reading

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