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5 Strange Facts About Parasites

Indoor cats can get worms Did you know? Fifteen percent of plant potting soil contains hookworm or roundworm eggs, or both, according to a study in the Veterinary Record (Feb. 18, 2006). Cats can also get tapeworms from eating infected … Continue reading

Puppies Respond Positively to “Dog Talk”

Using the high-pitched “dog voice” toward pets works better for puppies than adult dogs. Researchers decided to look into this pet-directed speech, which is similar to the tone of voice used for human babies “known to engage infants’ attention and … Continue reading

3 Mistakes Pet Owners With Diabetic Pets Make

A diabetes diagnosis can be confusing for pet owners. You can help protect your pet’s health–and preserve the precious bond between pets and family members—by avoiding these mistakes. Mistake No. 1: Diet disasters For cats, particularly, pet owners sometimes don’t … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Yearly Heartworm Test

You dutifully give your dog heartworm preventives every month, so you don’t need to do yearly tests, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple to keep your dog free of the foot-long parasites. Here’s how annual testing can help protect your … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

Cahoon’s Veterinary Externship Program

We are happy to team up with Cahoon Elementary Magnet School of Animal Science Gifted and Talent Development to give the opportunity to authentically engage students in real-world experiences directly connected to Animal Science! This is the start of a … Continue reading

May 7-14 2017 is National Pet Week

Get ready for National Pet Week starting on May 7th ! National Pet Week promotes responsible pet ownership, makes people aware of the benefits of pets for people and people for pets, increases public awareness of services available from professionals … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

The Truth About Heartworm Disease in Cats and Dogs

Heartworm disease is a very serious disease in both cats and dogs, but the unique physiology of each species means that it is really two very different diseases. As you learn about the similarities and differences here, however, remember the … Continue reading

Dog Bite Prevention

70​ million nice dogs…but any dog can bite National Dog Bite Prevention Week® takes place during the second full week of April each year, and focuses on educating people about preventing dog bites. The dates in 2017 are April 9-15. … Continue reading

Heartworm Disease Prevention: Mosquito Season is All Year Long

Imagine your dog confined to a small crate or kennel night and day for four months or more: no longer able to jump, run or even play. Imagine costly—and painful—treatment necessary to kill the dangerous heartworms infecting your dog’s body. … Continue reading

Cat + Patio: Build your own “catio”

An awesome DIY for an outdoor patio, for cats. It’s a known fact that the average life span of a cat with free access to roam outdoors is significantly shorter than those kept indoors. Car accidents, access to poisons, cat … Continue reading

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