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At Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals, we are continuously on the lookout for ways to extend great offers to our clients. This page is where you will find any rebates, coupons, and special offers for pet products and services. You can bookmark this page and check it for the latest promotions available.

Free First Exam

First time client? Your dog or cat’s first scheduled healthy/wellness visit is free!

10% off of services

USF faculty and students receive 10% off of services. All active and retired military also receive 10% off of services.

Animal Rescue Organization Proposal

Designed to help the pets and people of rescue organizations and enhance our community. Click here for more info.

Low Cost Pet Taxi

If you’re unable to bring your pet in for a scheduled visit, we’ll come pick up your loved one.  This low cost service is provided by all four of our Tampa locations.

  • One way trips are $7.00
  • Round trip $12.00

Share The Care

We love taking care of you and your pet, and the highest compliment we can receive is your recommendation to your family and friends! So tell your friends about your good experiences at our animal hospitals. Give them this card, and when they get their FREE Pet Exam, you will receive a $25 CREDIT good towards any service at any of our animal hospital locations, and your perks!

We also have a Client Referral Program that gives you perks to local establishments like Starbucks and AMC movie theater or instant credit on your account with us. (Learn more)

Discounted Services

  • Lower cost exam with Annual Health Plan
  • Receive $35 off your dental services if you schedule the procedure within 30 days from the date our veterinarian recommended.

Frequent Boarders Rewards

20th night is free! Click here to download our Frequent Boarders Card and simply bring it in each time you board your pet with us.

$8 Off Any Hill’s Pet Food

Save $8 on any Hill’s Pet Food order placed at any of our locations using the ScriptRight application. Can be combined with other savings, including 15% off Hill’s AutoShip orders. Free Shipping! No order minimums! Expires July 31, 2017

Save 15% off all Royal Canin products


We’re excited to announce that you can now save 15% off your orders of all Royal Canin products when you setup your order for AutoShip!

With support from Royal Canin, clients who setup an AutoShip of any Royal Canin product will receive 15% off their first order, and 5% off all subsequent orders for that AutoShip when shipped before the end of 2017. Current AutoShips will automatically start receiving the 5% discount!

Royal Canin is available on our Our Home Delivery Stores:

Save on Hill’s Science Diet or Prescription Diet pet food

– Orders equal to or over $49 = free shipping
– Orders less than $49 = $5 flat rate shipping

Save 15%
– Orders setup on AutoShip will receive a 15% discount on all orders delivered in the first 3 months

Save on Feline Revolution

  •  Feline Revolution: buy 6, get 2 free, buy 9 get 3 free (ask us for details)

Our Home Delivery Stores:

Save up to $35 on Bravecto

Click here for details.

  • Bravecto: 15$ off 2 doses or 35$ off 4 doses (expires March 2017)

Covenia Rewards program

A great way to get money back when your dog gets a Convenia injection. Click here for details.

The RIMADYL Rewards Program

Receive 10$ off your first purchase of Rimadyl

Simply purchase Rimadyl and register your purchase through myrimadylrewards.com and submit your veterinary receipts as proof of purchase. You will begin to accumulate points and will receive a card in the mail loaded with the money you have earned back. This card can be used toward ANY expense at a veterinary clinic.

Click here for details.


Special pricing on Proheart:

  • Up to 60 pounds $52.98
  • 60 pounds to 99 pounds $66.22
  • Over 100 pounds $86.08



  • $5 off 3 doses
  • $10 off 6 doses
  • $25 off 12 doses

Cheristin for Cats

  • $10 off 6 doses
  • $25 off 12 doses


  • $5 off 6 doses
  • $15 off 12 doses

Interceptor Plus

  • $5 off 6 doses
  • $15 off 12 doses

Parastar Plus for Dogs

  • $5 off 3 doses

Mix and Match for More Savings!

Purchase 12 doses of Interceptor Plus AND Parastar Plus for Dogs for:

  • $20 off 3 doses
  • $25 off 6 doses
  • $40 off 12 doses

Adequan Canine

  • $20 Rebate with purchase of 6-injection series or two vials.The Adequan rebate requires a purchase of 8 injections or 2 vials in order to redeem the rebate. Clients can participate in the rebate by accumulating 8 individual receipts within a month or show them all on one receipt, as long as 8 injections can be shown within a 30 day period they can submit for a rebate. Purchase of a box (2 vials) on one receipt the rebate can also be redeemed. A pet owner can redeem an Adequan rebate every 60 days for a total of 6 rebates/year or $120.
  • Go to https://www.elancorebates.com/ to claim the rebate. Click on Adequan Canine to proceed.


Savings for Dogs

  • $10 on 2 boxes of 10 mg
  • $15 on 2 boxes of 25 mg
  • $30 on 2 boxes of 50 mg
  • $40 on 2 boxes of 100 mg

Savings for Cats

  • $10 on 2 boxes of 5 mL
  • $15 on 1 box of 17 mL


  • $15 on 30 Tablets
  • $30 on 60 Tablets
  • $45 on 90 Tablets


Please contact us for more info, details, or promo codes.