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What is the difference between a laser declaw procedure and conventional declaw procedure?

There is actually an alternative procedure to declawing called a tendonectomy:  Scratching with the front claws is normal, instinctive behavior for cats.  The purpose of this activity is to remove old, worn fragments of their nails.  Though scratching is normal for cats, this behavior can be destructive and costly in the home.  For many cat owners, declawing is the only solution. There are two Surgical Procedure Options:

CONVENTIONAL DECLAWING (Onychectomy) consists of surgical removal of

the nail and the tissue from which the nail is generated.  The surgery sites are usually sealed with a sterile tissue glue and bandaged for 24 hours. After the bandages are removed, your pet will be able to walk, though tenderness may be evident for a few days.  Laser declaw uses a laser unit to remove the phalange in place of a regular surgical blade.  Less bleeding occurs with this procedure.

TENDONECTOMY (Deep Digital Flexor Tendonectomy) involves the surgical removal of a portion of the ligament which allows cats to extend their nails.  After the surgery, cats still have their claws, but cannot extend them. Owner must trim nails periodically after this procedure because the toenail is left in tact.

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