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Is it ‘cattitude,’ or is that feline in pain?

Identifying and responding appropriately to both acute and chronic pain requires an understanding of the nuances of feline behavior. Deciphering feline behavior has always been somewhat challenging, and that may be particularly true when it comes to identifying pain-related behavior … Continue reading

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Are we stressing our cats out?

Eating issues in cats—whether too much or too little—may have a behavioral cause. Here’s why, and what to do about it. When a cat stops eating, or its appetite tapers off, it is reasonable to look for a medical explanation. … Continue reading

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September 28th is World Rabies Day. Here’s Some Rabies Prevention Tips for Pet Owners.

Rabies is a serious and fatal virus that is usually transmitted by bite wounds, often from infected wildlife. This virus infects cells of the nervous system, can cause unusual behavior, and can even lead to aggression. Luckily all of our … Continue reading

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In-hospital, Curbside, Telehealth, Mobile Services, and More

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals adjust to providing care during the re-opening of Florida associated with human coronavirus COVID-19 by continuing Curbside Concierge Service, Telehealth, and Mobile Services, but we look forward to resuming limited in-hospital outpatient appointments soon Continue reading

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Grain-Free Diets Have Been Linked to Serious Heart Problems in Dogs

The FDA and other researchers are investigating the link between grain-free dog food and a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. By Leslie Nemo, Discover For the past two years, the FDA has been investigating a strange development in dog health. The agency … Continue reading

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