We’re Expanding Our Animal Rehabilitation Services

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We’re Expanding Our Animal Rehabilitation Services
Posted on September 18, 2017 in Caring for your pet, News, Veterinary Services

We are happy to announce that we will be expanding our animal rehabilitation services in order to best meet your pets’ needs!

What is Canine Rehabilitation? 

Canine Rehabilitation utilizes the same tools and techniques that are used in human physical therapy and adapts it to animals.

What Can I expect? 

You will receive a hands on 1 to 1, individualized treatment program that is tailored to your dog’s needs. Appointments last 60 minutes.

Your veterinarian and rehabilitation therapist will be in close communication with you to devise a rehabilitation program that fits your lifestyle and goals so that your 4-legged family member gets back to his/her normal activities.

Your dog will be treated using a fear free approach in which he/she chooses to participate and is not forced.

Schedule a visit at any of our 5 vet hospitals. With school back in session, has your schedule become crazy? Not to worry! Our mobile service van can pick up your pet and bring him/her to the clinic to receive treatment.

Who is rehabilitation for? 

• Pets that have had surgery including but not limited to: knee surgery (TPLO, TTA, tightrope procedure), back surgery, fracture repair, hip surgery (FHO)

• Injuries: muscle strains, ligament sprains, back or neck pain

• Older dogs who have difficulty moving around, pain from arthritis, muscle weakness

• Weight management

• Neurologic cases

• Conditioning programs for working dogs and canine athletes

What are the benefits of Rehabilitation? 

• Decreases post surgical or post injury pain, swelling, and inflammation to get your dog back on his/her feet quicker.

• Reduces recovery time from injury or surgery and allows for a more complete recovery.

• Promotes ease of movement by restoring joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.

• Increases strength.  Encourages participation in family activities by improving mobility.

• Improves quality of life.

• Optimizes performance.

What does it cost? 

Initial Evaluation including full body orthopedic assessment, initial treatment, demonstration of stretching and exercises: $90

Follow up treatment includes laser (if applicable), manual treatment, and exercise progression: 45-60 minutes / $70


4 follow up visits for 45-60 minutes per treatment: $252

Post surgical package includes initial evaluation and two 45-60 minute follow up visits: $207

Please visit our website at tampabayvets.net for more information about our rehabilitation program. Contact your vet if you think your dog might benefit from rehabilitation.


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