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Meet Holstein!

February 4, 2020 /

Our new adoption cat. We estimate that he is between the ages of 1 and 3 years of age. He is getting up to date on all his vaccines and is currently recovering from a neuter. He is a very sweet boy that loves attention. He meows back at you when you talk to him, he gives great head bumps, and he loves to make biscuits!

What you should know about Holstein: During his neuter procedure, Dr. Godszis removed a mass from his chest and that mass was tested. The mass was cancerous but was completely removed. There is a risk of him developing this cancer again in the future, but we cannot say for certain at this point. If it does return however, metastasis occurs very slowly with this type of cancer.

We hope this information doesn’t dissuade any potential adopters because he is such a sweet boy!

Call Temple Terrace Animal Hospital for more information about Mr. Holstein!

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