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Help your pet get started on the right paw. Petly Plans offers an array of plan options to choose from and can be personalized to meet your young pet’s needs. What’s even better, Petly Plans is good for your pet and your wallet.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet at your next visit and invite you to review the information below about our exciting new affordable monthly wellness plans! With low monthly payments, Petly Plans make it easier than ever to give your pets the care they need. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.

What does a preventive care plan include?

Created with your pet in mind, our veterinarians have created plans to include recommended care to keep your pet healthy. This means regular checkups, vaccinations, parasite and blood screenings, dental cleanings and more. Plans can be personalized by adding additional services specific to your pet’s needs.

How do preventive care plans help?

A preventive care plan helps to cover the cost of your pet’s basic needs through a budget-friendly plan by arranging monthly payments.

Is this an insurance policy?

No, It’s important to note that Petly Plans are not the same thing as pet insurance. Petly Plans help you manage the cost of necessary regular care for your pet. Pet insurance helps offset costs of catastrophic events, like unexpected accidents or illnesses.

Plan Levels:

  • Silver: includes semi-annual preventive care examinations, core vaccine boosters and basic laboratory tests necessary to help protect pets against illness and disease.
  • Gold: is designed to keep your pet healthy and happy during the prime years of life. This plan also includes our routine spay or neuter package.

Routine spay or neuter packages include:

  • Pre-anesthetic examination, Pre-anesthesia testing, Anesthesia and monitoring, IV fluids with anesthesia, Surgical procedure, Pain management, Hospitalization

Pricing: may vary based upon add-on items


Puppy Plan Coverage



Kitten Plan Coverage


Plans can be personalized by adding additional services specific to your pet’s needs.


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Plan is non-transferable. Plan cannot be applied to past visits. An appointment must be scheduled for services. Additional costs may apply to nail trims in the event the patient needs sedation. Additional costs will apply for county license and tag. If patient is in heat, pregnant or cryptorchid at the time of surgery, additional fees will apply.

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