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Our eclectus parrot Tattoo is a patient of Dr.Helmer. We are having some home maintenance done and I need to know if there is any interior paint that is not toxic to birds. Thanks.

Thanks for your question.  In general, latex (water-based paints) are a much safer alternative than oil-based paints.  Pet birds should be kept in a separate, well-ventilated room until the paint is completely dry and no longer has a smell associated with it. I have employed this technique with my own birds and everything has worked out just fine.  Once the paint dries, the paint is relatively non-toxic if chewed on or ingested.  In contrast, some older paints (those before the 1970’s) had lead in them and could present a significant hazard if consumed.

In the case of oil-based paints, or those that are aerosol or sprayed on, I would advise removing the pet from the premises until all the fumes have subsided.  Talk to you soon!  Dr. Peter Helmer 813 973 8566.

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