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Hello. My ferrets are patients of Dr.Helmer and we love him. Recently we’ve rescued 2 ferrets from a bad home. I was wondering about what tests are to be ran on a possible adrenal ferret and the costs. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

So kind of you to help out a couple of other weasels!

Initial exams are about $55.  Perhaps if you are not able to be here I could call you after the initial exams to assess our next steps?  The adrenal panel for definitive diagnosis of adrenal gland disease is approximately $250, but honestly, the diagnosis is often made on clinical signs.  I would likely be more interested in running a complete blood cell count and chemistry profile (between $75 and 130 depending on the panel we run) to look for other diseases.  Rabies vaccines would be an excellent idea (about $20 each) and we can discuss distemper vaccines (maybe not the most important things to deal with in a sick ferret).

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