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Illness doesn’t always have a physical cause. We can refer you and your pet to a trained animal behaviorists who help determine the cause of such disorders as separation anxiety and obsessive behavior, and then develop a treatment regimen for the client.

Dog Training and Animal Training Tampa

Our dog training partners will provide you with the guidance you need for the proper raising and care of your canine companion. We teach both you and your dog. You will learn patience, praise, repetition and communication with your dog.  Your dog will learn obedience, right from wrong, and what is expected of him or her through the use of love, praise and positive reinforcement.

The following list of individuals are options for referring clients with pets with behavior
modification and/or training needs:

Soraya V. Juarbe-Diaz, DVM, DACVB

Veterinary Behaviorist in central Florida
Website: www.drjddvm.com/
Dr. Juarbe-Diaz has the longest established behavior referral practice in the state of Florida. Known as Dr. JD to owners throughout the state, she received a B.S. in biology in 1983 and her D.V.M. degree in 1987 both from Cornell University. She was in mixed practice for about 1 1/2 years and in small animal practice for 5 1/2 before returning to her alma mater for specialty training in veterinary behavior medicine. She finished her residency in 1996 and received her board certification in 1997. In the fall of that year she relocated to the Sunshine State and established a referral veterinary behavior practice that saw cases throughout Florida (currently serving only one location in Maitland).

Dr. Terry Marie Curtis

Phone: (904) 826-3978
Email: curtist@ufl.eduWebsite: www.terrycurtisveterinarybehavior.com
Specializes in Behavioral medicine – small animals, large animals, and exotics (featherpicking, aggression, and screaming in birds); Specializes in canine and feline anxiety disorders – separation anxiety and storm phobia, aggression, and elimination problems.

Dr. Curtis is one of less than 100 Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and does house calls in Florida and South Georgia.  She is and has been a regular contributor to the annual NAVC-VMX conference in Orlando, the coordinator of a day-long Behavior Symposium there.  She has authored a number of articles, including book chapters in Veterinary Clinics of North America, the 7th Edition of Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult, and Decoding Your Cat.  She is a member of the Editorial Review Board for Today’s Veterinary Practice magazine, a former editorial member of the Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, and currently serves on the Advisory Boards for BluCare and Vet Candy.  She was also a panel contributor to the 2014 AAFP & ISFM Guidelines for Diagnosing and Solving House Soiling Behavior in Cats.

Jennifer Catpurr (Cat Trainer), Tampa

Phone: (813) 857-4876
Email: Jennifercatpurr@gmail.com • Website: www.jennifercatpurr.com
Jennifer will help you with many aspects of your cat’s life, including issues such as: Problems adjusting to people and/or pets, Aggression, Litter box problems, Spraying, Scratching unwanted areas, Fearfulness, Geriatric issues, Pica (compulsively eating nonfood substances), and Caterwauling (yowling).

Courteous Canine, Inc. / DogSmith of Tampa

3414 Melissa Country Way, Lutz, FL 33559
Phone: (813) 949-1465
Email: info@courteouscanine.com • Website: www.courteouscanine.com
Additional Locations: South Tampa, Seminole Heights
Courteous Canine dog training methods and philosophies are founded in the science of
Applied Behavior Analysis. We work with each client to develop a training plan or behavior change program that meets your needs. The behavior change programs are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have set timelines. They offer group classes and private training for a variety of training goals ranging from house training, to aggression, destructive chewing, mouthing and dog sports. They also offer pet therapy preparation group classes.

B.Paws-itive Pet Dog Training

Angela Bubley
17912 Pepper Tree Ln., Lutz, FL 33548
Phone: (813) 963-3776
Email: bpawsitive@gmail.com • Website: www.bpawsitive.com
B. Paws-itive Pet Dog Training, offers private dog training instruction, at an affordable price, and is geared towards individuals who wish to have a dog as an intelligent, well mannered companion in their home. We train you to train your dog, and use real life situations, Angela Bubley is a AKC Approved CGC Evaluator, and will test your dog(s) for the AKC Star Puppy Test and Canine Good Citizen Test. Providing hospital visits, house calls, and training facility.

Will Thomas Dog Expert, Dog Trainer

Sarasota, FL
Phone: (941) 377-0243
Email: will@willthomasdogwhisperer.com • Website: willthomasdogwhisperer.com
He will give you the intellectual tools to train your dog without the need for dozens of paid lessons and classes. You will not need shock collars, or clickers, millions of treats, choke collars or head halters to train your dog. No harsh treatment. He works with dogs at their instinctual level. This method can be very fast and it builds trust and respect without harsh treatment. He will work with you and your dog so that you can do it too. He will focus on what you want handled. He will help you to get your dog balanced and restore harmony to your home. Most situations are handled in only 1 session with FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT!

Dog Training Club of Tampa

4817 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 931-PETS
Email: DTCTampa@yahoo.com • Website: www.dtct.org
We are a not-for-profit dog training club, established in 1959 and staffed entirely by
volunteers. We offer training classes for the general public and their dogs, at a competitive
price. Classes include Puppy, Obedience, Agility, Conformation and Freestyle. You are
invited to stop by to watch our classes, talk to our instructors, and see dogs being trained
at different levels. Our philosophy is to provide dog owners with positive training methods. Come join us for a class that is sure to be fun for you and your dog! We also offer STAR Puppy CGC classes and AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. The regular testing can be scheduled by appointment with one of our certified CGC evaluators. Our Training Facility is indoors and air-conditioned! Perfect for the ever-changing Florida weather!

Creative Behaviors Consulting – Avian behavior and training

Jess Euliano, CPBT-KA
Phone: (813) 586-4777
Email: jesseuliano@gmail.com • Website: www.creativebehaviorsconsulting.com
Jess Euliano, CPBT-KA, has been working with animals professionally for over 10 years. Although she loves all animal species, birds are her specialty! Jess has trained birds of various species for free flight shows and educational demos as well as mentored other trainers in the field. Now, as the owner of Creative Behaviors Consulting, she works one on one with clients to improve their relationship with the birds they share their lives with. Creative Behaviors Consulting also offers bird boarding, board-and-train programs, and video chat consultations. Jess has a B.S. in Psychology from Florida State University (2007) and possesses a functional understanding of operant and classical conditioning. She believes in using positive training techniques and has a great deal of experience applying these methods in real life scenarios. She is certified by the International Avian Trainers Certification Board (IATCB) and has been a professional member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) since 2011. She is also a member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).

Canine Good Citizen and Canine Community Certifications Available

We are happy to have partnered with Courteous Canine, Inc. for our Animal Behavior Services. Courteous Canine’s dog training methods and philosophies are founded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We work with each client to develop a training plan or behavior change program that meets your needs. The behavior change programs are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have set timelines. Their dog training solutions are humane and scientifically proven effective.

We offer group classes and private training for a variety of training goals ranging from house training, to aggression, destructive chewing, mouthing and dog sports. We also offer pet therapy preparation group classes.

If you have any questions pertaining to the training, please feel free to call (813) 949-1465. To sign up your dog for classes, please contact us at any of our locations. Several convenient class times and locations are available.




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