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Physical Rehabilitation & Massage

canine rehabilitation

Sometimes injuries can require surgical repair. And many diseases such as arthritis can require extra care. No matter what your pet’s needs are we will be there for you. We have practice team members trained in physical rehabilitation and massage, to make certain your pet best feels their best.

What is Canine Rehabilitation?

Canine rehabilitation applies the principles of human physical therapy to animals. Animals can suffer from a variety of conditions similar to humans and can benefit from rehabilitation in the same way. We work with you, your pet, and your vet to devise an individualized rehabilitation program to get your 4-legged family member back to his/her normal activities.

Rehabilitation Philosophy

Each client will receive hands on, 1 to 1 individualized treatment approach. We will be in close communication with your referring vet and strive to tailor a program that effectively meets the goals that you have for your pet. We utilize a fear free based approach in which animals choose to participate with treatments and are not forced to participate.

Common injuries and conditions that we see:

  • Post-operative surgical cases: TPLO, TTA, tightrope procedure, back surgery, fracture repair, OCD repair
  • Orthopedic conditions just as muscle strains, ligament sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Senior dog concerns: weakness, difficulty walking, difficulty getting up/down
  • Weight management
  • Neurological cases
  • Chronic pain
  • Conditioning programs for working dogs and canine athletes

Benefits of Rehabilitation:

  • Decrease post surgical or post injury pain, swelling, and inflammation to get your dog back on his feet quicker
  • Reduces recovery time from injury or surgery and allows for a more complete recovery
  • Restore joint range of motion and muscle flexibility to promote ease of movement
  • Increases strength to encourage participation in family activities
  • Improves quality of life
  • Optimize performance


Manual therapy: myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, therapeutic massage, trigger point release

Exercise Therapy: therapeutic exercise, functional exercise, proprioceptive (balance and coordination) training, muscle control and facilitation, home exercise program

Modalities: laser, electrical stimulation, therapeutic heat and cold

Please contact us for a free phone consultation if you think your pet would benefit from physical rehabilitation.

Derriann Hope is a Certified Veterinary Technician specializing in Rehabilitation. She realized this was her passion when her own pet Sylar was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease in 2014 and unable to walk. Derriann took a year off of Retail Management at the time to nurse him back to health. The feeling she got when he took his first steps was something she wanted to experience daily. Derriann is currently attending The Canine Rehabilitation Institute to become a Certified Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse. In her spare time she loves taking on Pinterest projects and enjoying nature.

PleaseĀ contact us for a free phone consultation if you think your pet would benefit from physical rehabilitation.

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