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Introducing TeleVet – Vet care from home!

Get veterinary care for your pet remotely. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are now offering remote healthcare services through TeleVet! With the TeleVet mobile app, you can easily send virtual consultation requests to us whenever your pet is sick or injured. Use TeleVet to quickly and efficiently get medical guidance directly from your vet through your mobile device.

To get started, download the TeleVet app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Choose your hospital location, and create your personal profile and your pet’s. (pictures encouraged!)

When you need us, create a consultation request detailing your pet’s issue. Upload pictures and videos directly from your smartphone to give your veterinarian a more detailed look at your pet. Consult with one of our veterinarians via instant message or face-to-face through a video conference call, to help get your pet feeling better again. (Only available for current clients and patients)

So don’t delay care for your pet due to time constraints! Let one of our veterinarians have a video consultation with you about your concerns and provide you with trusted information about what your next step should be to best care for your pet… all from the comfort of your own home! The fee for this consultation is $45.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to talk to your veterinarian.





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