Cat-Friendly Practice®

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Cat-Friendly Practice®
Posted on August 23, 2022 in News

As a certified Cat-Friendly Practice®, our animal hospitals are equipped with the support and resources needed to deliver elevated and quality care for your cat. Through specific techniques and criteria, every aspect of your cat’s veterinary experience is thoughtful and accommodating.

As cat’s are highly sensitive to various frequencies, our cat-friendly areas are quiet and free of stressors like barking dogs, high-pitched telephones, or loud voices. Other accommodations you’ll notice:

  • Classical music
  • Minimal restraints
  • Lack of perfumes and scented cleaning supplies
  • Feliway-infused towels to cover your cat’s carrier
  • Dim lighting in the exam room
  • Anti-nausea or anti-anxiety medications in advance of appointment, when needed

Program standards for a Cat-Friendly Practice are research-based, and at our hospitals, they are heartfelt as well. Our caring veterinary team is sensitive to the needs of both cats and their owners.

We have taken many steps to elevate care for cats by reducing the stress for the cat, caregiver, and also the entire veterinary team. However, if your cat gets really stressed out, ask us about anti-anxiety medications or whether we can do a home visit.

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