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Posted on January 10, 2011 in From Our Clients

As the caretaker of a cat with Feline Asthma, I first learned of Dr. Welborn from the FAIM! Feline Asthma Inhaled Medication Users Group from their veterinarian list. Dr Welborn is described as follows:

“…He is very knowledgeable about inhaled meds and has a big heart for all animals.”

I found FAIM user group description to be accurate about Dr. Welborn  and I am also impressed Dr. Welborn’s staff. Temple Terrace Animal And Bird Hospitals’ veterinary technicians are very friendly and capable. Also the receptionist, Kathleen’s multitasking capability is amazing.

Recently during the Labor day holiday weekend I experienced a crisis with my cat Honey Bear.

Dr. Welborn was going out of town that week and called the on the holiday with lab test results for my other cat MeMe.  I told Dr. Welborn that Honey Bear was at the Polk county emergency vet clinic with a urinary blockage. After talking to Dr. Welborn I decided to bring Honey Bear to the Cat Doctors when they opened the next morning.

Immediately after examining Honey Bear, Dr. Simon determined Honey Bear was fitted with an undersized catheter. Dr Simon fitted Honey bear with a larger catheter that functioned better and made him more comfortable. During Honey Bears hospitalization the staff was caring and supportive, accommodating my visits and phone calls. Dr Simon and staff provided expert care and treatment however, it was determined that Honey Bear required a “PU” operation. With Dr. Welborn out of town, Dr Habran came from the Pebble Creek office to preform the operation. I am grateful to Dr. Welborn for assembling a expert caring staff at all tampabayvets  offices.  I believe their expert care saved Honey Bears life.

Randolph Clarke

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