Pet Eye Problems: When To Be Concerned

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Pet Eye Problems: When To Be Concerned
Posted on October 23, 2014 in Caring for your pet, Tips & Advice
By Dr. Lacie Armstrong

Occasionally dogs and cats will get watery eyes or staining of the fur beneath the eyes which in small amounts are not of too much concern. Excess amounts of this, however, could indicate disease such as allergies, viruses, or a blocked tear duct. Any discharge that is mucoid or yellow or green in color could suggest a bacterial infection and need evaluated and treated by a Veterinarian. Eyes that have a thick white or yellow discharge may be suffering from dry eye and need to be evaluated by a Veterinarian as well. Any eye that is red or squinting should be evaluated by a Veterinarian right away as these can be indicators of a serious problem such as glaucoma (high pressures within they eyes), or a scratch/ulcer on the eye itself. These pet eye problems can lead to vision loss and sometimes loss of the eye itself if not addressed quickly and correctly. Corneal eye scratches and ulcers often cannot be viewed without a special stain and light that is available only through your Veterinarian.

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