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Giving Back
Posted on September 29, 2021 in Community Events, News

All Creatures Animal Hospital Matches Local Realtor’s Donation

Tampa Bay realtor Mary Jane Rickles, MHA, CLHMS, generously donated $525 of her commission from Dr. Kristen Lester’s recent home sale to the Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF). Furthermore, Mary Jane enlisted help from her friends with the Livewell Team of Tampa Bay for additional donations.

Dr. Lester chose VCF as the recipient of her realtor’s donation because of the life-changing medical care it provides to local pets in need who might otherwise go untreated due to financial hardship. 

Dr. Clark, the owner of All Creatures Animal Hospital, and an ongoing supporter of VCF, has agreed to match this amount.  He and his veterinary team have provided discounts and no-charge services for pets approved by the foundation since 2017. The nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) where 100% of all proceeds donated go directly to helping pets who are in the most dire situations and often referred to them by emergency responders.

Team Supports VCF Too

Internally, the caring team at All Creatures Animal Hospital call VCF the “Love Fund” because they have witnessed firsthand many pets being treated and saved through the foundation.  In fact, many staff members are so inspired by the cause that they volunteer to consistently donate a percentage of their own paycheck to the organization.

Taylor, Mel, and Addison are just a few of our team members who have an automatic donation set up for VCF out of every paycheck they earn.  

Taylor, Mel, and Addison

“Helping others is important to me and by donating to our love fund, it’s another way I can help our clients care for their pets at times when they need it most.”
– Mel Jones, Team Member at All Creatures Animal Hospital

Love and Compassion are the driving forces behind this nonprofit, and our veterinary team is proud to be part of an organization that aligns with the heart and soul of our practice. 

From Our Clients

Kane, a sweet kitty, had his leg badly injured in an accident. His family were left with few options, given the severity of the injury and the costs associated with the surgery. With help from the Veterinary Care Foundation, we were able to get Kane the medical treatment he needed to live a happy life!

“My family and I would like to thank everyone involved in regard to our beloved pet, Kane. When we were given this situation, we were so hurt and lost as many places were declining to see Kane due to the condition of his paw. This situation has been devastating to us. You all were a glimpse of light in a dark tunnel. I know you could have turned us away as well… instead you decided to help our sweet little kitten. We cannot THANK YOU enough! Each and every one of you at Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals has been amazing and touched our hearts. You all have gone above and beyond what we could have asked for. Your commitment and service to Kane has been highly appreciated. Your animal hospital has made a huge difference in the life we almost had – without Kane. I wish we had endless funds to be able to pay for the surgery in full. We will forever hold the staff and doctors at Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals near and dear to our hearts. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Crotts Family

Join Us

As a pet owner, there are different ways to support this amazing organization!  You can always make a donation when you’re visiting us with your pet!  The foundation also provides easy ways to give online:

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