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National Love Your Pet Day is coming! Here’s 7 ways to celebrate!

Forget Valentines Day… The Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals family likes to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day! Observed on February 20th, this holiday encourages pampering our pets, focusing on the special relationship pets hold in our lives, and showing them that extra attention.

February isn’t just important because of “Pet Dental Awareness” month. But it is also a great opportunity for you to make sure your pet pal is getting the very most out of their lives. Here are 7 ways to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with your pet:

  1. Ensure they are up to date on their vaccines
  2. Watch animal videos with them
  3. Make sure you are trimming their nails and brushing them
  4. Practice their favorite commands and tricks
  5. Play their favorite game or play their best toy
  6. Inspect their toys. Throw away any that are in bad shape
  7. Wash their bedding so they feel fresh



Some info courtesy of National Day Calendar
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