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Is my pet too old for anesthesia?

It depends.  No anesthetic event comes without some level of risk.  All patients are ‘graded’ on their risks prior to the procedure and the risk is weighed and discussed against the benefit of the procedure. Anesthetic agents have become relatively safe and will be tailored to your pet’s individual needs and condition the day they need to be administered to your pet.  In addition, all pets are evaluated and examined prior to any anesthetic event. Each pet will have blood work performed to ‘see inside’ the body. Our anesthetic agents are administered with great care and caution.  All pets under anesthesia will have monitoring of their heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, core body temperature and general depth of anesthesia.  Proper use of anesthesia and anesthetic monitoring equipment will ensure your pet has a safe anesthetic event and returns home to your care.

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