Is Your Pet Getting The Proper Nutrition?

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Is Your Pet Getting The Proper Nutrition?

Tampa, FL – We all know the saying, “you are what you eat”, but do you realize that counts for your pets too? Feeding your pet a healthy balanced diet can be one of the most important things you can do to improve the quality and length of your pet’s life!

Today, there is a pet food available for every life stage and for almost every chronic disease. From juvenile to senior pets and from petite to giant sizes there are specific reasons you should feed to match your individual pet’s needs.  There are pet foods that are important for your pet’s physiological needs when your pet has:

(See “The Right Food For Your Pet’s Needs“)

For instance, if your pet is overweight, our veterinarians can prescribe the exact type and amount of food ensuring that your pet gets back to a normal weight without being hungry all the time.  As another example, if your pet has kidney disease, specifically designed diets are scientifically proven to provide a better quality of life and longer life.

Groceries or pet supply stores in Tampa have literally dozens and dozens of choices. We are bombarded with TV and online ads, everyone trying to sell you ‘the best’. How do you know which pet food is right for your pet? What are the real facts about natural, organic, grain free, and raw pet foods? Chances are, even if you have researched Dr. Google (which we do NOT recommend since it is hard to tell good from bad information), or you have inquired with the local store clerk, you are not getting the same quality of recommendation that your pet’s doctor can give you.

didyouknow_taxfreeThe bottom line is that sales clerks in pet supply stores are trained to sell pet food, often the food with the best profit for the store or best bonus for the sales clerk. By comparison, our veterinarians and staff are trained to make nutritional recommendations based on the health and welfare of your pet. We know your pet and the best food for him or her. With every examination, your pet’s nutritional needs should be addressed based on your pet’s unique age, breed, size, lifestyle and health and body condition.



hills_offer_linkIt’s just one more thing we do to ensure your pet is taken care of as if he or she was our own. Our veterinarians and staff will spend as much time with you and your pet as necessary to make sure your pet receives the best care possible. We have evening and weekend hours available as well as monthly payment plans for routine preventative or illness/injury care. To schedule an appointment, or for any questions, please contact us.

We recommend Hill’s Science Diet®, Royal Canin®, and Select Purina® Prescription Diets. These diets are formulated with true science and are designed to keep your pet healthy lifelong.

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