Protect Your Pets From The Cold

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Protect Your Pets From The Cold
Posted on December 20, 2021 in Caring for your pet, News, Tips & Advice

Cold Weather Is Here:  Fewer and fewer pets live outside as the human animal bond gets stronger.  Many of our family pets have migrated from our backyards to our bedrooms.  But, for those pets that live outside or stay out for extended periods of time, there are guidelines for temperature and weather tolerance that you must consider for your pet’s safety.  Temperatures under 65 degrees become a problem for some pets and can be tough on pets with arthritis or thin hair coats.

If you pet(s) live(s) outside, they should have proper shelter and ventilation in that shelter that will protect them from rain and lower temperatures. Many people move their outside pets to their porch or lanai, or make a home for them in the garage. You may want to simply consider to bring the pet inside of your home.

Although it is not always easy to convert an “outside” pet into and “inside” pet here are some tips for the transition:

  • Make the area that you are attempting to bring the pet into inviting and safe.
  • Use items that smell or seem familiar.
  • Talk in soft and caring phrases.
  • Reward good behaviors as they occur.  Praise goes a long way.
  • Some pets are shy and fearful of new things and are reluctant to be near them.
  • Having a crate or “bedroom” for a pet to retreat to or to stay in is a great idea.
  • You may also consider using a baby gate to block off a section or area of your home, if you are learning to trust your pet and do not want him or her loose in your home.

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