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Knee & Joint Surgery

We perform the latest surgical techniques and procedures to ensure you pet is back on all fours in no time!

The Tightrope CCL procedure is a minimally invasive and improved method for extracapsular stabilization of the CCL. We also perform the TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement), a bone cutting procedure that changes the knee’s anatomy to alter the forces on the knee, the FHO (femoral head) surgery and the OCD (shoulder surgery). We have a canine and feline physical rehabilitation program for your pet’s post-operative needs.

TightRope CCL was developed to provide a minimally invasive and improved method for extracapsular stabilization of the CCL. This technique does not require cutting of bone similar to the TPLO or TTA procedures, but instead uses small drill holes in the femur and tibia to pass a synthetic ligament-like biomaterial through a small incision to provide bone-to-bone stabilization during healing. The biomaterial used for the TightRope CCL is called FiberTape. This is a Kevlar-like material that is used extensively in human surgery for many orthopedic applications. This material has properties that make it stronger and less prone to failure than any other suture materials currently being used for CCL reconstructions.


Our services are available from the following animal hospital locations:

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105 Sunset Lane
Lutz, FL 33549
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Cat Doctors
(South Tampa)

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3221 W. Azeele St.
Tampa, FL 33609
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Temple Terrace
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5023 East Busch Blvd
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Pebble Creek
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19440 Bruce B Downs Blvd
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North Bay
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9801 West Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33615
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