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Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families.

We offer the most widely used microchip products to increase the chances of a safe recovery. The procedure is safe and quick.

We recommend that all pets, even those that do not venture outside, are microchipped. Microchips are popular, reliable and effective ways to permanently identify our pets. The chip is small, about the size and shape of a grain of rice, and is easily inserted under your pet’s skin. Once the microchip is in place, the owner must register the microchip with the national database.

microchip_injectionWhen a pet is scanned with a microchip scanner an identification number will appear. This number is linked to a national database that has all of the owner’s contact information. We recommend to annually update your information with the database, and have your pet’s microchip checked at each annual visit.

Protecting your pet with HomeAgain®

HomeAgain, an all-inclusive pet recovery and protection service, is dedicated to the safety and well-being of your pet. To take advantage of our service, your pet will need a microchip, which provides a permanent form of identification. The HomeAgain microchip comes with lifetime registration in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database, as well as one year of HomeAgain membership. Benefits are renewable on an annual basis. Your pet does not need to have a HomeAgain microchip to be enrolled in the National Pet Recovery Database.


  • 24/7 access to our Lost Pet Specialists
  • Rapid Lost Pet Alerts
  • Lost Pet Posters
  • 24/7/365 access to the pet Emergency Medical Hotline, staffed by ASPCA veterinarians

The new HomeAgain® TempScan® Microchip for Pets

Our microchips just got an exciting upgrade… and monitoring your pet’s temperature just got easier, with an upgrade to our revolutionary TempScan® Microchip with temperature-sensing technology.

  • Includes all of the easy-to-use, reliable identification features of the HomeAgain® 134.2 kHz Microchip.
  • Temperature readout is compatible with the HomeAgain® Universal WorldScan® Reader
    Plus or the HomeAgain® Universal WorldScan® Reader.
  • Innovative technology to measure temperature accurately at the site of implantation, with a simple scan of the pet’s microchip.

We are excited to offer your pet the future in Protective Pet Identification. HomeAgain provides lifetime registration of your pet’s microchip ID number in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Database. Pet owners can access the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Database to update their contact and pet information at any time, both online at any time at www.homeagain.com and by phone.


By phone: call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242). Their trained Lost Pet Specialists and Customer Service Representatives are on call all day.


Our services are available from the following animal hospital locations:

All Creatures

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105 Sunset Lane
Lutz, FL 33549
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Cat Doctors
(South Tampa)

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3221 W. Azeele St.
Tampa, FL 33609
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Temple Terrace
(East Tampa / Near USF)

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5023 East Busch Blvd
Tampa, FL 33617
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Pebble Creek
(New Tampa / Wesley Chapel)

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19440 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33647
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North Bay
(Town 'n' Country / Westchase)

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9801 West Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33615
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