Success Story: Meet Talon!

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Success Story: Meet Talon!
Posted on August 19, 2015 in From Our Clients, News

Talon, a 6 week old Chihuahua, was surrendered to our hospital because she had a deformed front leg.  Dr. Armstrong diagnosed it as a congenital defect that she was born with and always will have. One of our employees fell in love with her and adopted her shortly after she arrived! She named her Talon because of her deformed leg (and because she is a “Star Wars” fan)! Talon has become a sweet and loving puppy that likes to nibble on the noses of anyone giving her kisses. Even though her leg is deformed, she doesn’t let that slow her down! She loves to run and play with toys 10 times her size, even though she is only 2lbs! We are so happy she found such a loving home with our receptionist Ciera! What a happy success story for this adoption!

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