The Best Year of Doug’s Life

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The Best Year of Doug’s Life
Posted on September 20, 2023 in Happy Tails, News

By Leslie Ludwig, Client Care Coordinator at The Cat Doctors

“I adopted a kitty that had been surrendered by his owners. He was 4 years old and seemed healthy other than a skin allergy. We named him Doug.  Due to his health issues, I immediately secured Trupanion insurance, which provided 90% coverage for only $33.88 per month. 

About 6 months later, I noticed Doug acting strangely. He was head pressing, lethargic and unresponsive.  I brought him into The Cat Doctors, and after some initial diagnostic testing and a follow up visit to the Veterinary Emergency Group, we were referred to a neurologist in Sarasota who did more scans on him without finding anything. As you can imagine, these expenses were unexpected and more than we could afford, so we were grateful we had pet insurance!  Our bills racked up to over $12,000, and our out-of-pocket cost for that was only $1,129.35 .  Trupanion paid $11,293.47!!!

About a year later, Doug had a seizure and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Although we were heartbroken, that last year of his life was the absolute best for him, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our pet insurance.  We were able to get his skin irritations under control, so he experienced a lot of relief.  We gave him the most love he could possibly stand in that final year, and we know he is now at peace, without allergens or seizures.”

Pet Insurance with Trupanion

Pet insurance is there in case the unthinkable happens. While you likely expect regular checkups and appointments once or twice a year, Trupanion is for unexpected illnesses and accidents.

While this does not include pre-existing conditions, it covers any new conditions and diagnoses, which is why insuring your pet as soon as possible can avoid unintended insurance gaps.  With pet insurance, regardless of what happens, you and your pet will be covered.  You’ll have the freedom to get the help your pet needs.

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How Does Trupanion Work?

When you’re insured with our preferred veterinary insurance, Trupanion, you can bring your pet to the clinic for treatment when your pet becomes sick or injured.  After treatment, you submit an invoice with the pet health insurance claim form to be reimbursed at a percentage, less your chosen deductible.  It’s that simple!

The Freedom to Seek the Help Your Pet Needs

We recommend pet insurance for those who want to ensure they are able to provide the best medical care options for their pets possible without worrying about the cost. It offers financial peace of mind and can help pet owners with the difficult decision of treatment vs. ‘economic’ euthanasia.

You can get a quick quote for your pet(s) by clicking here and select your custom deductible to decide on the right premium for you. If you prefer, you can also enroll over the phone by calling (800) 569-7913.


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