Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet
Posted on November 10, 2017 in Tips & Advice

With the busiest travel season of the year upon us, here is some helpful advice for traveling with your pet.

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Air travel with your pet

If you are flying, you will want to check with the airline and the destination to which you are traveling about requirements such as Acclimation Certificate, Health Certificate and examination, testing and vaccination status.

Smaller pets that meet airline size and weight requirements are sometimes allow to travel in the cabin, though they must be in an airline approved carrier.

If you have a larger pet that must travel as cargo, be sure the crate is airline approved. The crate must be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down easily. Buy the crate well in advance of your flight so you can work on getting him/her accustomed to it.

Remember that it can get very cold in cargo, so pack a blanket for your pet. Generally, they can go a few hours with no food or water so take this into consideration before you put food and water that may spill in the crate with your pet. Remember to ID your crate with your full information.

Travel Checklist

  • Secure collar or harness with ID tags
  • Leash
  • Crate or carrier
  • Litter box/poop bags
  • Food, water, snacks
  • Medications and copies of written prescriptions
  • Examination, testing and vaccination records (proof of Rabies)
  • List of animal hospitals (included ER) in the destination area
  • First aid kit
  • Familiar blanket/toy

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Road Trip with Your Pet?

indy_carYou’re in luck! There are more pet-friendly options available than ever, and people are taking advantage of them. Before you get going though here are a few tips to help your travels a little easier:

Stay Up to Date

As you plan your trip, include scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure that your pet’s examination, vaccinations and test are current.

We will talk with you specifically about your travel plans to be sure your pet is properly protected. For example, Lyme disease is prevalent in the North East United States, and Kennel Cough can be found everywhere. Getting a check on your older pet’s blood pressure and organ functions is important as there is inherent stress in traveling.

For Your Pet’s Safety

  • Make sure you pet is wearing a secure collar or harness with current identification tags and that your pet has been microchipped. You will want to check that your information with the organizations that provide the tag or chip is current, in the event that your pet is lost.
  • Confirm that your stops and destinations are actually pet friendly. Bring plenty of food, water, and poop bags or a litter pan with litter for your cat!
  • If you are driving, keep in mind whether or not your pet gets car sick. Feeding small amounts of food often as opposed to big meals can help and the veterinarian can also prescribe medications for motion sickness or sedation to keep your pet at ease. Be sure you pack extra blankets or towels.
  • Buckle up! There are seat harnesses available for all size pets, and of course, your pet’s carrier is safe to travel in.
  • If you leave your pet in the hotel/condo room, be sure to use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.
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