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Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Your Pets

Thinking about making 2018 an even healthier year for your 4 legged companion? You are in good company! Here are the top 5 resolutions we hear from our clients:

1. Save more money every month for my pet’s annual care needs.

2. Walk my dog more regularly.

3. Play with my cat 30 minutes every day to keep him/her more active.

4. Get health insurance for my pet:

5. Feed my pet a better quality pet food and stop feeding ‘people food’.

Wanna hear some of our doctors’ ‘Wish List’?

‘I wish all of my patients had pet health insurance so we could better relieve disease and suffering’.

‘I would like to have all of my patients at a healthier weight’.

‘I wish that each pet have an examination every 6 months so we could detect diseases sooner’.

‘I wish more clients would look in their pet’s mouth, in their ears and more closely at their pet’s skin/coat at least once a month’.

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