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Poison Prevention For Your Pet

March 17-23, 2019 is National Poison Prevention Week. Although human and veterinary drugs are the most obvious sources of pet poisoning, some seemingly innocuous things around your home can be harmful—even fatal—to your pet. A growing epidemic Each year thousands … Continue reading

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How cats say, ‘I love you’

Because, c’mon cats aren’t just going to outright say those three little words. Here are the telltale signs that your feline friend is giving you heart-eyes. Cats demonstrate their devotion to their humans in a number of important and obvious … Continue reading

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Don’t let boredom ruin your puppy’s brain

Your new puppy likely won’t need to fight for food in the wild. That means you’ll need some fun, err, enrichment at home to keep your canine cutie happy, healthy and out of trouble (from boredom). You’ve taken the first … Continue reading

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360° of Care for Pets

Together, your wellness services and Trupanion, medical insurance for cats and dogs, can help provide your clients’ pets with comprehensive coverage — from nose to tail — for both the routine and the unforeseen. Click here for larger image

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