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Virtual Care… 24/7! Videochat with your Veterinarian using the Airvet app.

We now offer the new Airvet app to give clients access to care anytime, anywhere. Connect with your own veterinarian or an in-network Airvet veterinarian within seconds to get answers, do follow-ups, and sometimes just to get reassurance during those “I don’t know if I should be freaking out or not!” moments.

To get started, download the Airvet app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

We will be using Airvet more and more going forward to conduct virtual re-check exams, appointment follow-ups, and offer you access to a veterinarian when you need immediate help after-hours.

So don’t delay care for your pet due to time constraints! Get trusted information about what your next step should be to best care for your pet… all from the comfort of your own home!

Scan the QR codes below to download, or search for “Airvet” at your favorite app store.

*A consult fee of $30 applies

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