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How Do You Know If Your Cat Or Dog Is In Pain?

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

Many animals are experts at masking pain and discomfort. Sometimes it will not be until a pet is unable to compensate any more that they begin to show signs of pain. Pet’s ancestral behavior keeps them ‘alive and not eaten by another animal’ by masking or hiding pain, injury or illness. Because eating is so necessary, pets will keep eating up until they reach the end of their ability to compensate. Some indications of pain or discomfort can include but are not limited to:

  • change in routine or basic behavior
  • loss of appetite
  • hiding
  • sleeping a lot
  • limping
  • reluctant to jump up or go outside or move around
  • purring, or whining.

If your pet has ANY changes in behavior, it warrants an examination by a veterinarian. Pain medications are very safe and effective and can help your pet get back to normal behavior. Of course, looking for the source of a patients pain or discomfort will need be addressed. Arthritis and joint pain, dental pain, ear pain, organ disorders, bladder infections, and skin disorders can all be sources of pain or discomfort for your pet.

If you feel like your pet might be in pain or is not acting normal, please contact us for a check up.

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COVID-19 Service Announcement

August 11, 2020

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals adjust to providing care during the re-opening of Florida associated with human coronavirus COVID-19 by continuing Curbside Concierge Service, Telehealth, and Mobile Services, but we look forward to resuming limited in-hospital outpatient appointments as soon as we have sufficient confidence that we can do so safely.

We remain committed to caring for our patients and meeting their health care needs in the safest and best way possible. Be assured that we continue to follow CDC guidelines and federal, state and local recommendations for practicing social distancing. We have established a phased plan to resume normal services to see our patients for healthy pet exams, all procedures and surgeries and urgent care needs.

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