From Our Clients: Acupuncture for Pets

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From Our Clients: Acupuncture for Pets
Posted on September 29, 2011 in From Our Clients

“To curious clients who might be considering acupuncture for their animals;

I wanted to attest to the amazing affects of acupuncture treatment and it’s affect on my dear sweet Airedale.  Nonnie, my 11 1/2 year old Airedale has been taking acupuncture treatments at Pebble Creek Animal & Bird Hospital  for two years. I brought her to Pebble Creek when it was obvious that standard pain treatments would not work on her. Nonnie has severe hip dysplasia in her hip and arthritis in her spine. I had tried the usual pain medications but Nonnie’s system is delicate and she began to suffer severely with violent bloody diarrhea . I was faced with the decision to either put her down or find another alternative treatment as Nonnie couldn’t walk without help. I was referred to Dr. Teske by my vet at Temple Terrace.

Nonnie’s first appointment was a long one. The doctor took the time to talk with me and examine Nonnie both with her hands and her eyes. She asked for a full history of my dog and we discussed what acupuncture could and couldn’t do. A treatment plan was proposed and Nonnie was ready for her first treatment. I didn’t know what to expect but quickly relaxed when the doctor and her assistant began to soothingly talk and massage Nonnie. She received what we now call her ‘margarita’, one needle in her sagital crest area to relax her and the treatment began. Nonnie did so well with her treatments that first month that she is now getting acupressure treatments – injections of B12 jelly into her pressure points. We have been able over the past two years to extend the time between Nonnie’s treatments to an average of six to eight weeks.

As far as the treatment and care we receive from the doctor and her assistants during treatments, I couldn’t ask for a more caring and loving vet and assistants. They coo and softly talk to and  gently handle my dog. Care is taken to not cause any more pain or discomfort than is necessary. Everyone is calm, reassuring and constantly stroking and massaging Nonnie. I feel she is getting a spa treatment rather than a pain treatment.

How do I know that acupuncture works for Nonnie? She has always been a grumpy girl and not what you would call the life of the party. Since I have been taking her for treatments, she has transformed into a really sweet, loving and outgoing girl. She is so happy to get into the car to go to Pebble Creek for treatments and I cherish this time we have alone (I have two other dogs). When we get out of the car she takes me into the office and greets the clients and office staff and her tail never stops wagging. Through these treatments we have been able to manage Nonnie’s pain and she is back to her half mile daily walks and is a part of our family again. I know that Nonnie’s senior years are as pain free as is possible and she is comfortable and enjoying life.

I would highly recommend any clients whose companion animals are suffering to work with Tampa Bay Vets to see if acupuncture or acupressure is an option. Both my skeptical husband and myself have been very pleased with Nonnie’s results.

Patricia  and Henry

As a side note: Nonnie was also incontinent and with some Chinese herbs and a couple of needles each treatment, Nonnie is no longer incontinent.”

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