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Dr. Meaghan Callahan Receives PennHIP Certification

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals | Tampa, FL

Congratulations to Dr. Meaghan Callahan for receiving her PennHIP certification.

We now have four PennHIP certified veterinarians, Drs. Armstrong, Clarke, Callahan, and Welborn.

There are no other veterinarians in Hillsborough County that are PennHIP certified.

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Responses to Dr. Meaghan Callahan Receives PennHIP Certification

  1. Wil Medlen says:

    To Dr. Callahan,…Dr you took care of our Pek Willy who was injured two months ago. We had a follow up about a month ago as he was doing so well. I’m just checking in with you to let you know he’s doing so well that he’s now back on our bed sleeping at night, just as he had done before being injured. Thanks for all of you help,…Wil Medlen.

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