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Alergias (En español)


Breed Weight Chart

Canine Inappetence

Canine Life Stage Calculator

Dental Care

The 4 Stages of Periodontal Disease


Joint Disease

Kitten Care Health Plan

Preventative Care Cats

Preventative Care Cats (En español)

Preventative Care Dogs

Preventative Care Dogs (En español)

Polycystic kidney disease

Common Poisonous Plants

Sore Hocks (Pododermatitis) In Rabbits (Inflammation of Skin of the Paws)

Head Tilt in Rabbits

Abscesses in Rabbits

Pasteurellosis: Infectious Diseases Caused by Pasteurella multocida in Rabbits Basics

Lice and Mites in Guinea Pigs Basics

Chronic Respiratory Disease in Rats and Mice (Chronic Infection with Mycoplasma and Other Disease Agents)

Tapeworm Infection in Cats (En español)

Whipworm Infection in Dogs (En español)

Coccidiosis in Dogs (En español)

Giardia in Dogs (En español)

Hookworms (En español)

Roundworms in Dogs (En español)

Pet Nutrition Handouts

Why you shouldn’t judge a pet food by its ingredient list

FAQ about General Pet Nutrition

Important information you could be misreading on the pet food label

Questions you should be asking about your pet’s food

Brochures & Flyers

Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals (brochure)

The Cat Doctors (brochure)

Destructive Cats – Solving Chewing & Scratching Problems

MYTH: It is Normal for a Cat to Vomit

Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware!

Microchipping – Can You Google Your pet?

How Can I Tell if my Pet is Overweight?

Behavior & Training

Dental Services (cats)

Feline Revolution Plus

Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF)

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian (brochure)

Hip Dysplasia – Penn Hip Brochure

Keeping Cat Veterinary Visits Stress-Free… For Everyone!

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Pets (brochure)

Taking the Hassle out of House-training Your Kitty

Nursing Care for Your Cat (brochure)

Need Help Paying For Your Pet’s Medical Bills?

Pet Taxi – Does Your Pet Need a Ride?

Cat Taxi – Does Your Cat Need a Ride?

Senior Pets: How your pet’s needs change as they age

Senior Cats: How your cat’s needs change as they age

The Importance of Cat Claws

Pet Resort and Spa (North Bay)

Share the Care Referral Cards

The Key to Reducing Canine Hip Dysplasia

TightRope® CCL

Helpful Videos

How to Administer Insulin to Your Dog

How to Administer Insulin to Your Cat

Esophageal (E-Tube) Feeding for Dogs and Cats

How to Administer Sub Q Fluids

How to Pill a Cat

How to Administer Liquid Medications to a Cat:

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We believe that access to pet care should extend beyond the walls of our office. For help, questions, concerns, or to do virtual follow-ups, Videochat with one of our vets - with our new Airvet app.

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