Happy Tail: Izabella

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Happy Tail: Izabella
Posted on September 20, 2023 in Happy Tails, News

Submitted by Carol Scharfeld, Pet Owner

“This isn’t about a journey to good health, because Cheval keeps all four of my fur babies in the best of health. This is about a journey to freedom from fear & stress for Izabella.  My Puerto Rican rescue has always been hyper vigilant of everything around her, to the point of being under almost constant stress. She is very sweet, but also fearful of anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks to Dr. Riley’s inclusion of holistic principles to her toolbox, Izzie has made a tremendous improvement in her stress levels. She was absolutely terrified of storms – thunder & lightning turned her into a drooling, shaking, panting mess. Even CBD and a Thundershirt didn’t help! I talked with Dr. Riley, and she recommended acupuncture for anxiety, as well as a Chinese herbal supplement for stress. So far we’ve had 5 monthly acupuncture sessions, supplemented with daily herbs, and she is a different dog now!.

Although Izzie is still nervous when the storms come, she now just goes and lays down in her bed until it’s over. I’ve also seen a decrease in her hyper vigilance overall, so she’s much more relaxed all the time.

Dr. Riley and all the vets and staff at Cheval Animal Hospital are wonderful. They are compassionate and caring, and I can’t imagine taking my two dogs and two cats anywhere else!”

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