Happy Tail: Rousey

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Happy Tail: Rousey
Posted on October 13, 2023 in dog, Happy Tails, News

Rousey came in for her exam and blood work with Dr. Clay Dutton in June. Since the heart murmur she has had for years was stable (Grade 1/6) and her blood work was perfect, she was cleared for anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned as she does every August.

During her exam the day of surgery, Dr. Dutton was concerned the heart murmur was suddenly a Grade 4/6 and recommended radiographs prior to the dental. I agreed since it had been a year since they were last done. 

Radiographs revealed a large mass in Rousey’s abdomen. An ultrasound confirmed it was attached to her spleen and she needed a Splenectomy. Luckily the surgeon was able to do surgery immediately. Not only was the tumor large, 15cm, but was very close to rupturing which would have caused bleeding into her abdomen, a real emergency!

Thankfully, Rousey healed perfectly and had no post surgery complications. The heart murmur returned to a Grade 1 and the tumor came back not cancerous!

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