Happy Tails: The Story of Lillie

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Happy Tails: The Story of Lillie
Posted on June 6, 2023 in Happy Tails, News

Lillie the cat went to see Dr. Guillen at Temple Terrace Animal Hospital for a check-up last March.

Dr. Guillen thoroughly examined Lillie and felt an abnormal lump on her belly while weighing her.  

Immediately after determining it was a tumor, Dr. Guillen and Lillie’s owners wasted no time in establishing an individualized treatment plan and just one week later, Lillie received a bilateral mastectomy.  During the surgery and every day afterwards, Dr. Guillen communicated with Lillie’s parents on her condition.  

Lillie was diagnosed with stage 2 mammary cancer, and after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she is healing quickly and finally feels like herself again!  Lillie’s mom reports that the extra time together is precious, and she is so grateful to the Temple Terrace team for the quick diagnosis and treatment.  Here you can see Lillie and her little sister Henrietta enjoying life together again!

Happy Tails highlight our pet-patients’ journeys to health & healing, as a direct result of the care we  provided for them. We appreciate you sharing your stories! To submit your own Happy Tail, please click here

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