Hazardous Hiding Places for Cats

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Hazardous Hiding Places for Cats
Posted on July 9, 2011 in News, Tips & Advice

Here are the top hiding places to be aware of – especially if you have a kitten, whose extra-small size and extra-curious nature could land him in a very tight spot.

1. Parked Car – One of many hazardous hiding places for cats. If your car’s parked outdoors in cold weather, please bang on your hood and honk your horn to rouse a possibly sleeping feline and give him/her a chance to crawl out before you start your engine.

2. Dishwasher – Always look for Kitty before starting the machine.

3. Washer-dryer – Don’t leave the door open when not in use; always check inside before starting a cycle.

4. Wood stove – Light the kindling and shut the door only AFTER doing a thorough check.

5. Reclining chair (La-Z-Boy) – Believe it or not, this is a prime small-animal hiding spot, so check under the seat and evict the previous occupant before you recline, to prevent injury.

6. Cardboard delivery boxes – Cats are notorious box nesters, so take care not to throw Kitty out with the recycling.

7. Workers’ tool boxes (electrician, handy man, etc) – Cats see these as fun new hiding places worth investigating.

8. Guitar cases – See #7; cats are so exquisitely tuned to music that they probably want to leave with the musician.

9. Luggage or gym bags – Close these when not in use, to prevent pet hair buildup as well as an accidental departure.

10. Dresser drawers – These should remain shut so they don’t turn into kitty traps (and kitty hair traps).

About the Author: Journalist, author, and pet lifestyle expert Julia Szabo writes the Living With Dogs column for Dogster.com and is the proud slave of 6 rescued cats.

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