Pet Birds and Egg-Binding

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Pet Birds and Egg-Binding

We were recently contacted by a client inquiring about ovarian surgery for their African Grey Parrot.

Egg-binding can be a challenging problem in our pet birds.  Management of this problem usually involves several factors including dietary management, behavioral modification, and in some cases, surgery.

The surgery that is sometimes performed is called a salpingohysterectomy.  In this procedure, the oviduct and “uterus” of the bird are removed. The ovary is not generally removed because of significant risk of blood loss and death during surgery.  The anatomy is quite different from mammals where ovarian removal (ovariectomy) is routine.  We routinely use electrocautery during the salpingohysterectomy procedure which is similar to the use of a laser.

This surgery tends to be reserved for cases when other treatment modalities are not effective.  There are risks associated with this procedure.

At Tampa Bay Vets, we have board certified Avian Doctors and we would be happy to meet with you and your pet bird to determine the best course of action to minimize further problems.

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