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The Importance of Semi Annual Heartworm Tests

Why do I need a semi annual heartworm test when my pet has never missed a dose?   Giving heartworm prevention to a dog that already has heartworms can be fatal.  While we have great confidence in the heartworm preventative medications we recommend and prescribe, we do know that there are sometimes obstacles to ensuring that pets are actually receiving the medications as prescribed:  In addition to the high prevalence of heartworm disease in dogs in Florida, many clients will admittedly forget to dose their pet as prescribed, may inadvertently run out of medications, may under-dose (if the pet has gained weight) and or the pet may vomit up the medication or spit out the medication with out the owner realizing it. Because of the seriousness of heartworm disease we are not comfortable with risking continuance of heartworm prevention without testing to verify the pet is actually negative for heartworms. We advised heartworm testing every 6 months for dogs as a part of your dog’s regular 6 month early detection examination and testing program.

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