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Tampa ranked the best city in the country to be a dog

Article courtesy of Dan Trujillo, abcactionnews.com

Tampa has officially gone to the dogs. Honest Paws ranked 50 cities to find the best and worst U.S. communities for your canine-pals and found Tampa was number one!

The site took nine factors into account when ranking the cities:

1. Number of Pet-Friendly Restaurants (Per 100K)
2. Number of Pet-Friendly Breweries (Per 100K)
3. Number of Pet-Friendly Hotels (Per 100K)
4. Number of Pet-Friendly Beaches (Per 100K)
5. Number of Pet-Friendly Rentals (Per 100K)
6. Number of Dog Parks (Per 100K)
7. Number of Veterinarians (Per 100K)
8. Number of Hiking Trails (Per 100K)
9. Breed-Specific Legislation Ban (BSL) by State

Honest Paws says Tampa has 15 dog parks, 52 pet-friendly breweries, and six dog-friendly beaches nearby with a few allowing dogs to frolic in the water and roam off-leash, helping it secure the number one spot on the list. Hillsborough County does not have a breed-specific legislation ban, also contributing to the ranking.

The city was happy to claim that ranking, tweeting about it Tuesday morning.

Orlando followed closely behind as the second-best city to be a dog, with Las Vegas, Richmond and Pittsburgh rounding out the top five.

The top five worst cities to be a dog according to Honest Paws were Milwaukee, Louisville, Columbus, Memphis and Detroit.

To see the full list of rankings and criteria, click here.

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