The Story of Trooper

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The Story of Trooper
Posted on November 2, 2016 in From Our Clients

Our client’s testimonial:

“We are that family that truly believes pets are our children, and an important part of the family.  In the fall of 2013 when our Blue Point Himalayan, Trooper, started vomiting and losing weight regularly, a trip to Dr. Clarke was imminent.  Having dealt with this kind of issue several times throughout his career, and considering Trooper’s age (6 ½ at that time), Dr. Clarke did not want to wait too long to get aggressive with a diagnosis.  The first theory was a possible food allergy, however changing Trooper’s diet to hypoallergenic diet didn’t help. After this, Dr. Clarke recommended that we perform biopsies of Trooper’s stomach and intestines to look for evidence of inflammatory disease or even cancers.  We discussed that we could accomplish this without having to do surgery on Trooper by using an endoscope. Thank heavens we listened and decided to be aggressive.  Trooper, unfortunately, had intestinal cancer.  Almost three years after his initial diagnosis, Trooper is still with us, and doing fabulously well.  The reason for this, I am 100% certain, is because we made the quick decision to have the endoscopy performed.  Dr. Clarke explained that, with most cases, the later we get a diagnosis, the more guarded the prognosis becomes. Many times we delay pursuing advanced diagnostic tests like this and meanwhile, the cancer is spreading and multiplying.  Because we caught it so early, we were able to initiate a treatment plan that has not only kept Trooper alive, but has also maintained the quality of life he was accustomed to at that time.  We moved to Germany in the summer of 2015 and unfortunately had to find a new doctor.  Trooper’s new veterinarian was shocked to see how great he looked!  They refer to him as the “miracle cat.”  They firmly believe Trooper’s incredible story has everything to do with our aggressive actions early on.  They said we were so lucky to have a veterinarian such as Dr. Clarke to suggest the endoscopy so quickly.  That procedure is the reason we are still able to love Trooper the way he deserves…as a member of our family.”

Endoscopy – Gastrointestinal in Dogs

Endoscopy – Gastrointestinal in Cats


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