Celebrating Earth Day With Your Pet

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Celebrating Earth Day With Your Pet
Posted on April 1, 2022 in Caring for your pet, News, Tips & Advice
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In the spirit of Earth Day, we wanted to share 6 tips with you to keep your pet “earth-friendly” on Earth Day.

1. Use Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Plastic grocery bags are a terrible bag to use, as they are not biodegradable and are suffocating our landfills.

2. Don’t Shop… Adopt!

Overpopulation – and consequently euthanization – is the #1 killer of dogs in the U.S. Visit your local shelter and adopt, or volunteer to be a foster home for a pet.

3. Replace Old Dog Toys with New, Earth Friendly Alternatives

Replace toys that are in bad shape with an earth-friendly alternative. You can even reuse your old cotton socks with missing pairs by turning them into home-made dog toys!

4. Choose an Earth-Friendly dog bed that is filled with a 100% organic or recycled fiber

Many of the dog beds on the market are poor quality and are made from materials that are not good for the environment or your dog. Donate your old dog beds and linens to the pet shelter.

5. Switch to Organic Dog Treats

Organic dog treats do not use the chemicals and preservatives that are found in store-bought treats. Not only are they are better for the planet, they are better for your pet.

6. Use Earth Friendly Dog Grooming Products

Avoid the chemical laden dog shampoos from the big box chains. Move to healthy, natural organic dog grooming products, and your pet (and the planet) will thank you.

At Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals, we do our very best to be as paperless as possible. We recycle all materials we can, like our toner cartridges and shipping containers. We also try to choose greener products and services when we can. Learn more on how you can reduce your environmental footprint at EPA.gov

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