Fun Pet Activities for Hot Weather

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Fun Pet Activities for Hot Weather
Posted on March 8, 2022 in News

With warming temperatures already beating down our doors, our pets are feeling the heat as well. Coming up with ideas for activities for you and your pet to help survive the scorch is sure to provide hours of fun for everyone.

Cats love fresh water. But have you ever given your cat ice water? Better yet, you can add a little Tuna juice to an ice cube trays worth of water for a refreshing summer treat for your frisky feline. Be sure to also have a separate fresh water bowl available when offering this.

Your dog may love water playtime just as much as the kids. You can purchase an inexpensive plastic (non-inflatable) kiddy pool from most stores. Let your pup assist in the filling process as they enjoy drinking from the hose as well. Sit back and get ready to laugh as your silly pooch sloshes around in their new pool!  (Be sure to dry their paws and ears thoroughly afterward. And always empty the pool when not using it.)

You can also try making your pet some tasty frozen summer treats with some of these recipes. And as always, if choosing the peanut butter recipe, STAY AWAY FROM XYLITOL!

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