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My 3 year old 80lb Golden ate a baby sock yesterday. He is eating and going to the bathroom and acting normal. Should I be worried?

Dogs will often eat unusual things. Since your pet is a larger dog the intestine is also large and can accomodate larger items. A sock is not digestible and therefore could cause a problem if it becomes lodged in the stomach or intestine. Vomiting and diarrhea, innappetance or abdominal pain are some signs that your pet could have an intestinal blockage. If your pet is doing fine now, keep a close eye on him for any changes and see your vet right away. Some pets may need surgery for this problem while others may pass the sock with a normal bowel movement.  If he does have a problem, quick identification of something like intestinal obstruction will be very important in his treatment. For more information about intestinal problems in dogs, visit our website at, or call me at 813 885 4477, Dr. Alison Adler.

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