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My 4 month old toy chihuahua is throwing up. Is he be really sick or could shots fix it? and he had long flat worms. What would work?

Vomiting in puppies can be very serious, particularly in small breeds.  Losing any volume of fluid through vomitus or stool can deplete their systems relatively quickly.  I would recommend that you have your puppy seen today. The veterinarian will examine your puppy and recommend a course of action (some testing) to help decide why your puppy is sick.  Sometimes injections (shots) of medications that help to control your pet’s symptoms are necessary.  The flat worms you are asking about may be tapeworms, but we would need to positively identify them to be able to give your pet the correct medication, as there is no ‘one medication/de-wormer’ that kills every type of worm.  Please call us at 813 988 1189 and we can help you directly with your concerns.  Simply ask to speak with a doctor.

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