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My 5 year old Indian Ringneck parrot has orange discoloration on her nostrils, and is plucking herself excessively on her belly and her wings. She is also sneezing 3 times in a row about every half hour.

Thanks for your question.  It sounds like your parakeet has 2 separate problems.  One is the sneezing, the other is feather destructive behavior.

The first step in diagnosing and correcting these problems is a thorough physical exam by an experienced avian veterinarian.  The sneezing may be related to sinus infections, environmental changes, or other reasons.  Feather destructive behavior is a complex behavioral problem and can be challenging to manage.

Please make an appointment with Dr Helmer, our Board-Certified Avian Specialist at your earliest convenience so we can help your parakeet feel better.  813 885 4477

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