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My recently adopted dog seems to have a loss of appetite has thrown up twice now over the last two days. What should I do?

Q: I recently adopted a dog from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, about two and a half weeks ago. She has been healthy and normal, in regards to energy and eating habits. The past two days she seems to have a loss of appetite. She has also thrown up twice now over those two days. Also, I have not taken her to a vet yet, and you seem to be the closest to my apartment. Thank You, Justin

A: Hi Justin!  Congrats on your new friend! As you know, pet ownership is a BIG deal.  And, is very, very rewarding.  It would be hard to say why your dog changed her eating habits without seeing her.  Things we think about though are: intestinal parasites, stress and anxiety, foreign object ingestion or dietary indiscretion (she ate something she was not supposed to), or dogs can get bacterial or viral infections.  At any rate, she does need an examination.  We can see you and her anytime so just call us and we can get her in.  We do complimentary first examination for Humane Society adoptions, though any additional testing would have a cost.  Once the doctor looks at her, we will give you an estimate of costs.  See you soon!

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