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We adopted three kittens from a local shelter. The smallest one is now beginning to “hoard” toys and will lay on top of his “stash”. Is this normal? There is no over-the-top aggression towards the others. Should I be concerned?

Thank you for contacting us with your question regarding the behavioral issues with your kitten. First of all I would like to congratulate you on the recent acquisition of all three little kittens, I know that they can be a handful. However, behavioral problems are sometimes difficult to break and early detection of such usually helps resolve the issues quicker. It sounds like there is some territorial/possession issues going on with this kitten, this may be due to trying to establish an “alpha” status. There is also a possibility that this is just a young kitten being a kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten is too young to start on Anti-anxiety medication, such as Clomipramide, in order to improve the anxiety level. The behavior is not normal and it does sound as it could potentially escalate in the near future. However, if this does persist past the animal’s 6 months of age, we can consider starting medication in order to control the behavioral issues. I hope this was of help and I hope that the kitten can adapt to the new home and break his bad habit before it becomes worst.

Jose Calderon
Veterinary technician
The Cat Doctors
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