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I have an American Pit Bull. He tore his nail upward and looks discolred but its not bleeding… What can I do in the mean time? and how much will it be to take him to the vet?

Thanks for contacting us about your pet.

Bent and broken toenails are very uncomfortable and can get infected. First, do not give him any human medications. Some human painkillers can have serious, even fatal, side-effects when given to pets. Use a wrap or Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from licking at the wound until he can be examined by a veterinarian.

Depending on the extent of the wound, the nail may need to be trimmed very close to the nail bed. Sedation is often required for this procedure as it is very uncomfortable. Antibiotics may be prescribed if bacterial infection is a concern.

The fee for the Comprehensive Physical Examination is $56. Please bring your pet’s vaccine history as well as any medications that he may be taking (including heartworm medications, flea medications, vitamins, and any others) with you to the appointment. Once the Comprehensive Physical Examination is performed, the veterinarian will be able to develop a treatment plan and explain any further costs to you.

Please contact any of our office at 813 973 8566 on Monday morning, anytime after 7am and we can find a convenient time for your pet to be evaluated. We will be able to see him on the same day that you call.

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